Seminars and Conferences


The basic Aims & Objectives of the Seminar and Conferences are:


·         To encourage students, Faculty Members, researchers to pursue studies and careers in circuit branches and its applications.


·         To set up, establish, maintain and manage centers of excellence for the study of related subjects


·         To function and co-operate with other likeminded national and International organizations and use their good offices for furthering the objects of the society and serve the community at large.


·         To promote scientific and educational activities towards the advancement of the theory and practice of all Engineering and Technology fields.


·         To improve the common man’s life by developing new Engineering ideas and to common man by organizing conferences, workshop, seminars and/or awareness programs and by publishing high quality academic international Books, or Journals, or Magazines or Tracts/Pamphlets on any subjects/topics, which is related to the overall uplift of all sections of the society.


** Seminars and Conferences are periodically conducted by departments as per the Current needs of Industry.  

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