Vision & Mission

Our Vision


1. To transform MET’s School of Engineering into a renowned, technological and professional Institution, bringing out competent professionals each year.


2. To equip these professionals with inquisitive minds, innovative and challenging ideas by Providing them with solid practical skills.


3. To utilize the vast potentialities of technology for the betterment of our State, Nation and humanity at large.


4. Providing our students with an education that is the very best in the country.


5. Developing in the students the passion for working hard with imagination and innovation, for the prosperity and betterment of all.


6. Bring out top-class engineers in different fields, equipped with a scientific temper, technological inquisitiveness and known-how, and moral property.


Our Mission


To impart state-of-the-art skills and knowledge to the students in different disciplines, inculcating in them a spirit of cooperation, human dignity and fellow-feeling, eschewing intolerant, jingoistic and parochial tendencies, and nourishing love and respect for one another.

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