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Soft Skills Training.

Today lack of competence in soft skill is marked as one of the reasons of poor rate of employability of technical graduates. Though it is true that soft skill need to be inculcated at a very young age at home but the role of soft skill training in schools and colleges cannot be ignored. Irrespective of the target group or the institution where it is imparted, soft skills training programs aims to improve a whole range of skills, like assertiveness, negotiation skills, communication skills and the skill to establish and maintain interpersonal relationships. Soft skills are perceived as those capabilities that are inherent in an individual. These competencies exist in every individual to a particular level. But if these skills are not used or if the individual who adorns these skills is unaware of it then that individual will never be able to utilize his / her inherent skills. The aim of any soft skills training program is to remove these blocks or the barriers that prevent the individual from utilizing his/ her skills. Soft skills training will make the individual aware of his / her hidden capabilities and to refine it for the overall development and success of the individual. Everyone can get benefit from the soft skills training irrespective of the skills they have inherited. Thus understanding the necessity we have introduced a soft skill department to help students to polish their skills.



Technical and job-related skills are a must, but they are not sufficient when it comes to progressing up the ladder. Soft skills play a very important role in this vigorous commercial epoch. Today there is a huge mass of qualified job seekers existing in the society and the competition within them for job acquisition and job sustainability is becoming tougher. To get an edge over the competitors they are left with no other choice but to add worth to their hard skills with soft skills to exhibit their true potential. If one has got advanced soft skills then definitely he will be able to establish themselves as distinct amongst other job seekers.


Objectives of soft skills training for students:

·         Increasing the employability skills of students along with overall corporate grooming

·         Enhancing public speaking & presentation skills

·         Developing interpersonal & time management skills

·         Providing motivational training along with practical orientation that helps in career visioning and planning


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