Training Methodology



i - Learning is a cloud based Integrated Learning and Self-assessment Platform. It facilitates students a well advanced online cloud based system to practice on various kinds of aptitude tests, and also provides platform for mock tests and interviews. Besides the aptitude skills, this system helps students to develop their writing skills through various online monitored practicing platforms.




Our Soft Skills Training programme encompasses a range of skills that most organizations find to be absolutely essential for their success and onward march. Here at MET’s, we train our students in various skills that will stand them in good stead as they look for placements in key positions in prestigious institutions.




Analytical skills—qualitative and quantitative—gives student fire power, know how to find, analyze and transform information so they can build better strategies and make more effective decisions. These critical thinking courses and seminars will help students leverage priceless knowledge and quickly seize unseen opportunities for growth and success.




LST's primary objective is to enhance the development of basic life skills, personal competence, and skills related to resistance to social influences that promote substantial benefits. MET’S is conducting seminar programs on Life skills for faculties and students in the following areas -Social skill, Thinking skill and Emotional skill.


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