Bio-Technology Engineering

Syllabus for Bio-Technology Engineering

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Biotechnology may be viewed as a group of technologies that are applicable to a variety of manufacturing and service industries. It may be noted that biotechnology is not an interdisciplinary field, rather it is multi - disciplinary, involving a wide variety of distinct subject areas.

Application of Biotechnology is in the following field:
(1) Agriculture Development of crop varieties with higher yield great resistance to stresses and higher nutritional value.
(2) Animal Husbandry Development of improved breed of animals with higher milk production, higher animal productivity and with other desirable characteristic, animal feed, etc.
(3) Health care Development of genetically engineered vaccines, immunodiagonstic Kits for early detection of diseases, antibiotics, etc.
(4) Industry Extraction of metals by microbial methods, enrichment of ores etc.
(5) Energy Sector Production tissue cultured biomass, biogas production.

Besides these sericulture, aquaculture, bio - fertilizers, biological pest control, etc. have also been beneficial for application of biotechnology.
Job opportunities exist in research and developments of institutions and industries, educational, field consultancy institutions / organisations related to the field of biotechnology, in public and private sectors.

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