Electrical & Electronics Engineering - Lab Facility

  • DC series and shunt motors
  • AC Generator set, 3Ã
  • 3.75 kw Induction motor, 1Ã
  • 3KVA, auto transformer, 3Ã
  • 12 KVA auto transformer
  • 5KW loading Rheostat
  • 150 A DC Rectifier Panel to simultaneously supply AC & DC
  • Electrical W/s has complete modern tools and accessories to be used by the students
  • Basic Electrical Lab is being commissioned along with the Measurement Lab


The objective of the Electric Machine Laboratory is to impart knowledge about characteristics and behavior of the DC and AC Machines, operation of D.C. machines, transformers, synchronous and asynchronous machines and give them experimental skill, familiarize with the constructional details of different types, working principle and their performance.

This lab consists of machines such as DC machine, induction motor, induction generator, alternators, synchronous motors etc., all mounted in industrial type of assembly to give the students industrial feel. Well established with all kinds of motors, generators and latest drives, this is the core lab for the Electrical Engineering branch and the ancillary for ECE and Mechanical branches.

                                    Electrical Machines lab I                                                         dc machines.jpg

Electrical Machines lab II


The aim of the Measurements Laboratory is to reinforce the students with an adequate work experience in the measurement of different quantities and also the expertise in handling the instruments involved. It also helps to train the students in the measurement of displacement, resistance, inductance, torque and angle etc., and to give exposure to AC, DC bridges and transient measurement.

measurements lab.jpg

       Measurements and Instrumentation Lab


This laboratory is used to impart practical knowledge to the students about the different wiring schemes, familiarization of megger, MCB and ELCB. This workshop is established with the basic tools, trainer kits and accessories. The workshop is very imperative not only for the students of Electrical Engineering branch but also for the students of other engineering branches and provides service to all 1st year students.


Electrical Workshop


The objective of the Power Electronics laboratory is to study the characteristics of switching devices and its applications in rectifier, inverter and choppers. It also acquaint with the application of electronic devices for conversion, control & conditioning of electric power. Further it aids the students to acquire an overview of different types of power semi-conductor devices and to cognize the operation, characteristics and performance parameters of controlled rectifiers, to study the operation, switching techniques, modulation techniques of PWM inverters and to comprehend the harmonic reduction techniques.

Power Electronics Lab/ Advanced Electrical Engineering Lab

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