Bio-Technology Engineering - Overview

Biotechnology Engineering is the application of technology to biological systems for product manufacture and process development. Though Biotechnology Engg. is a comparatively modern branch, it has provided tremendous opportunities for large scale industrial production of new types of medicines, vaccines, food products and consumables besides development of novel processes for better crop varieties, animals and fish varieties. Biotechnology Engg. embraces not only the conventional branches of biology such as Cell Biology, Microbiology, Biochemistry and Genetics, but also engineering subjects such as Chemical Engg., Environmental Engg., Bioprocess Engg. and Metabolic Engg., besides Genetic Engg. and Nanotechnology. Physical, mathematical and biological sciences merge in the fascinating discipline of Biotechnology. Students can aspire to lucrative career in Biotech Industries or as Scientist/Technologist in the marvelous field of biotechnology research. Biotech research encompasses control/prevention of life threatening diseases such as Cancer, TB, HIV and genetic disorders, development of renewable energy sources such as bio-fuels and microbial fuel cell, new crop varieties, new forms of life through recombinant DNA technology and novel methods of medical therapies. Department of Biotechnology, Govt. of India has implemented several projects for enrolment of Biotech students in Biotech Industries such as BIRAC and BITP. Other student support programmes include several schemes for supporting innovative research and Biotechnology Entrepreneurship awards.


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