Electrical & Electronics Engineering - Vision and mission


The educational objectives of the Electrical Engineering Program at METS are to produce Electrical Engineers who

  1. Have strong basic knowledge of electrical engineering principles along with the required supporting knowledge of mathematics, science, computing, and engineering fundamentals.
  2. Have an appreciation for the broad spectrum of issues arising in professional practice, including teamwork, leadership, ethics, service, safety, economics, and professional organizations.
  3. Have the basic skills needed to perform and design experimental projects, and the ability to identify contemporary challenges and propose a plan of action to solve them.
  4. Have the needed communication skills to organize and present information effectively whether orally, written or graphically.
  5. Have sufficient breadth and depth for successful subsequent graduate studies, and lifelong learning.


To attain a position of international excellence in educational and research activities related to Electrical Engineering


Provide a dynamic and scholarly environment wherein students learn independently and in collaboration with others to develop a disciplined as well as innovative approach to their careers as professional engineers, researchers or teachers. Ensure that every student is aware of the role and responsibilities of the engineer in society through the appropriate exposure to ethics, equity, public and worker safety and health considerations, together with the concepts of sustainable development and environmental stewardship. 

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