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  1. Biotechnology Alumni Association
  2. BT Entrepreneurship Development Club
  3. Bio-campus -the Biotechnology Association

4.Spectral Club

Inaugurated by Dr. C. Rajendran, The Principal on 15/02/2017.


-          To provide students with experience and opportunities in the environmental field.

-          To better educate the Biotechnology students of MET’S School of Engineering about issues relating to the environment.

-          To establish techniques to make MET’S a more sustainable living environment.


  • Membership in the Club shall be open to any student of MET’S School of Engineering with an interest in the environment and who demonstrates this interest through active participation in the department. Annual membership will be Rs.100.

Elected members (Jan- Dec 2017)

  • President: Dr. M. Balasundaran
  • Vice President: Dr. H. Harikrishnan
  • Secretary: Ms. Neethu Rajan
  • Treasurer: Mr. R. Sivashankar


  • To strengthen the intra departmental activities among students and staffs
  • To inculcate the environment friendly habits in students
  • To promote the activities this improves energy conservation
  • To inspire students to understand the nature and disseminate the message of conservation
  • The programme also proposes to sensitize the society through ‘college to society’ interactions.

Mission and Vision

Increase the awareness among students regarding environmental issues.


  • To raise the students interest over environmental issues.
  • To get the students actively involved in environmental matters from their own area.

Key topics: Solid waste management, Environmental protection, planting trees, sustainability, plastic reduction, societal activities

Club teams

Staffs- Team Drona

Final year- Team Stallionz

Third year- Team Mutators

Second year- Team Miracles

First year- Team Spartans

M.Tech students- Team Prism

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