Electronics & communication Engineering - Lab Facility

  • Electronics Circuit Lab
  • LIC Lab
  • Microprocessor Lab
  • Analog Communication Lab
  • Digital Lab
  • Adv Communication Lab
  • VLSI Lab

Basic Electronics Laboratory

            Electronics Engineering Workshop

            Analog Electronics Laboratory

            Electronic Devices and Circuits Laboratory


            Electronics Lab is equipped with CROs upto 30 MHz, Function Generators up to 20 MHz, DSO up to 50 MHz, Power supplies, various ranges of Voltmeters and Ammeters, Multimeters, DRBs, DIBs, and DCBs for performing experiments. In addition, MOSFET, BJT,LCR and Components tester are also available.


Analog and Digital Electronics Laboratory

            Analog Integrated Circuits Laboratory

            Logic Circuit Design Laboratory

            Linear Integrated Circuits and Digital Electronics Labortory


            This laboratory is equipped with IC trainer kits, IC testers, Function generators upto 1 MHz, CROs upto 25 MHz, Storage Oscilloscopes upto 50 MHz, Regulated power supply , Dual power supply, Digital multimeter, Ammeter ,Voltmeter and all ranges of Power supplies.OPAMP,555 Timer, . Various Digital Trainer Kits are available in the Laboratory.


Electronics Design and Automation Laboratory


                        This laboratory with 20 high end computers and a server class machine has in it a set of expensive design and simulation softwares like SciLab/Matlab, Orcad, WinXP, Multisim, Xilinx and so on to cater to the departmental research and development activities. Softwares for a wide area of research via Signal Processing.


Microprocessor and Microcontroller Lab


                        Microprocessor Lab is equipped with 8085,8086, 8031, 8097, 6811, PIC 16F877 microprocessor & microcontroller kits. Interfacing circuits with real world applications are also available in the Laboratory. In addition, development tools like In-circuit Emulator, EPROM Programmer are available. Software available include driver software, assemblers and disassemblers for microprocessors & microcontrollers. In addition, Programmable Logic Controller (PLC), PC based Data Acquisition System and controlling devices such as DC motor, Temperature Controller, Traffic Light Controller, Elevator and Measurement devices, Stepper Motor are also available.


VLSI Laboratory

VLSI Laboratory is equipped with 20 higher end Systems. It is equipped with Software tools Xilinx ISE, Plan Ahead. ther software tools are Quartus II software from ALTERA and PSPICE. The Laboratory is also equipped with FPGA kit (SPARTAN-3, Virtex5). Additionally, Add-on cards like Traffic light controller, Elevator simulator, Stepper motor/ DC motor/ Temperature/ Relay Interface cards, I/O card module, UP3 kit from Altera and CPLD Trainer kit are available for implementation. Also the Lab is equipped with and ARM processor development kit (LPC2378), TMS320C50 DSP Trainer Kit and ADSP BF532 Evaluation Board.


Communication Lab

Communication Lab is equipped with Digital Storage Oscilloscopes , Fiber Optic trainer kits ( Benchmark and Faulcon make), Digital Modulation/ Demodulation kits, all ranges of DC power supplies, Function Generators with frequency upto 100 MHz, Dual Trace Cathode Ray Oscilloscopes  with frequencies upto 100 MHz, Microwave test benches of Klystron and Gunn Source, Optical Power meters, Laser Trainer Kit and Cable Fault Locator. Apart from the Trainer kits, all components are available to construct and test any communication Transmitter, Receiver circuits and Filter circuits are also available.

Digital Signal Processing Laboratory

            Signal Processing Laboratory is equipped with TMS320C50 Processor, software Scilab / MATLAB  version with tool boxes are available in the Laboratory. Equipments like  Spectrum Analyzer, 1 MHz Function Generator, 25 MHz CRO, Printer and Higher end System are also available in the Laboratory.


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